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We Make Most Innovative Tool In The Industry For Performing Engine and Compressor Overhauls and Maintenance.

Our barring tool positions engines remotely with the touch of a finger! It is one of the most innovative tools in the industry for performing engine and compressor overhauls. It can also be used for measuring crank shaft and web deflections, with only one person! This is allowed because the tool has a 30 ft. whip. The engineer reading the indicator could be barring the engine simultaneously. Application of this tool can be used on engine driven pumps, generators, and compressors. It can also be used on electric driven pumps and compressors.

Innovation In Action


Why American Turbine Technology Inc.

American Turbine Technology Inc. is dedicated to bringing value to its customers.

We strive to serve our customers with products that fulfill their needs safely and efficiently. The ergonomic design helps to minimize the impact on the worker. The reliability assures that it will support any workforce whenever needed.


Our products are specifically designed to assure the safety of the workers. This device increases safety due to its remote control and eliminates communication difficulties between engineers


Our products are designed to assure the comfort of the workers while using the tool to assure safe operation. Examples are stand up tools to reduce back strain, and cushion grips for operator comfort.


We understand that our customers, in addition to safe, ergonomic and high quality products, also expect extensive individual quality service. We pride ourselves on providing dedicated service to our customers.


Our products and customer service provide superior value to our customers at a fair price.


The design as well as the use of high quality components assure exceptional reliability of the products. We stand behind our products by offering an industry leading One Year Warranty.


We stand behind our products, offering an industry leading One year warranty on all products manufactured by American Turbine Technology Inc.

Lead Times

Lead times vary from project to project. We have the quickest lead times possible and will respond to any questions or concerns within 24 hours.


If a product of any brand breaks down, we will repair it quick and efficiently to assure its prompt return.

About A.T.TECH (American Turbine Technology Inc.)

American Turbine Technology Inc. is a family-owned designer and manufacturer of pneumatic and electric Barring Tools, with a proud history dating back to 1987. Led by Founder and President Philip Pawlicki, by who brings experience in providing real-world barring solutions guides our operations, Philip’s expertise and commitment to solving barring problems and getting the products to our customers FAST has helped put the company on a growth path allowing us to provide much greater service capabilities. At American Turbine Technology Inc., we’ve done more than occupy our field—we’ve redefined it. Producing patented products and innovative new technology, never settling for the way things have always been done, we’ve developed the most innovative barring tools on the market.

Besides our innovation, American Turbine Technology Inc. is also unique for developing our own products.

While the quality of our designs and products are well known, the professional service after the sale has long been our trademark, including unmatched, knowledgeable and courteous customer service, as well as expedited production lead times.

Our in-house machine shop is dedicated for “special” jobs for our customers. That is why our response time matches today’s quick turnaround demand. Our experience, dedication, innovation, and quality make American Turbine Technology Inc. a company you can trust to equip you for your project.