A. T. TECH Barring Tool Applications

Need to manually rotate an engine? This tool makes the job easy.
The A. T. TECH barring tool is a tool that positions engines remotely with the touch of a finger! It is one of the most innovative tools in the industry for performing engine and compressor overhauls. It can also be used for measuring crank shaft and web deflections, with only one person! This is allowed because the tool has a 30 ft. whip. The engineer reading the indicator could be barring the engine simultaneously. Application of this tool can be used on engine driven pumps, generators, and compressors. It can also be used on electric driven pumps and compressors.
The barring tool is compact and portable and can be moved easily from one engine to another. This device increases safety due to its remote control and eliminates communication difficulties between engineers. This product also has 360 degrees of lockout capability, compared to conventional lockout devices at 15 degrees or the necessity of a chain.


Setting Electric Motor Driven Compressors and Lockout Tool


Setting Engine Driven Compressors


Setting Electric Motor Driven Compressors